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These articles should clearly describe new and carefully confirmed results and experimental procedure which should be given in required details for others to verify the work. The article can be up to 2500 words excluding references and abstract. For proper referring and fast publication all manuscript should be grammatically correct. The manuscript should be prepared in English using “MS Word” with 2cm margin on all sides (Top, Bottom, Left and Right side) of the page. “Calibri” font should be used.

Title: Calibri 16, UPPER CASE i.e. All words capital (Centered)

Names of Author(s): Calibri 12, Bold (Centered) Author affiliation (Calibri 12 single column Centered) needs to be given below author names in order of appearance. Relation between author listing and affiliation needs to be indicated as superscripted numbers to the right of name in author listing and to the left in affiliation.

Abstract: Calibri 10 (single column) Justified, maximum 250 words.

Subsection title: Calibri 12 Bold with 6 pt spacing after the subsection title (paragraph formatting) left aligned. New Subsection text begins with 6 pt spacing before the text (paragraph formatting). Reference citations should be given in ascending alphabetically arranged at the end of the manuscript. Tables need to have title above the table and figures need to have title below the figure. (calibri 9) Each table and figure should be well descriptive so that it can be understood without description in text section accompanied by a legend below it. (Times New Roman 8) Equations need to left aligned; equation numbers should be right aligned; equations quoted in manuscript need to conform to this form.  (Eqn. 1)

References: (Calibri 12) should be used as for Journal Reference
Shrivastava UP and Kumar A (2011) A Simple and Rapid Plate Assay for the Screening of Indole-3-acetic Acid (IAA) Producing Microorganisms. Int. J. Appl. Biol. Pharma. Technol. 2: 120-123.
Jha PN and Kumar A. (2009) Characterization of novel plant growth promoting endophytic bacterium Achromobacter xylosoxidans from wheat plant. Microbial Ecol. 58: 179-188.
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